Volume 1, Issue 1

AMJI Cover Vol1 Issue1Editor’s Notes

The inaugural issue of Academic Medical Journal of India is themed around nutritional problems in the country with a special focus on childhood malnutrition.

A comprehensive view of nutritional issues in the country is presented in the Perspective article by Anish et al., which brings to sharp focus the policy changes that are long overdue in this field. Scientific evidence on the extent of malnourishment among children is provided from two states by Dhasekaran et al. and Joice et al. While an issue closely related to childhood nutrition is addressed by Krishnan et al., Jeesha C Haran calls upon the journal to take up advocacy for the regulation of junk food.

Other major concerns addressed in this issue are control of mosquito borne diseases by Nujum et al. and Mayavanathan et al. and prevalence of diabetes and prediabetes by Jose et al. Kaliyadan elaborates on the use of Dermoscopy and Vishvanathan et al. presents a rare case in obstetrics practice.


India’s Medical Literature Landscape – A New Dawn

Thomas Mathew, Anoop Amrith Lal


Recommendations for a New Nutrition Policy for India

Thekkumkara Surendran Nair Anish, Pallipurathu Raghunathan Nair Sreelakshmi, Gopakumar Soumya, Scaria Sonia, A Althaf, Nair MKC

Original Research

Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes in Neyyattinkara Taluk of South Kerala

Regi Jose, KK Manojan, Paul Augustine, Zinia T Nujum, A Althaf, Seena KM, Jeesha C Haran, Ramdas Pisharady

Original Research

Evaluation of Coverage and Compliance to Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for Lymphatic Filariasis Elimination – A Qualitative Study

Zinia T Nujum, Remadevi S, Regi Jose, Nirmala C,  Rajmohanan K, Indu PS, S Muraleedharan Nair

Original Research

Usage of Personal Protective Measures Against Mosquito Bites among Patients Attending Fever Clinic in a Tertiary Care Centre

M. Janaki, D. Jaiganesh, A. K. Rajendran

Original Research

Assessment of Nutritional Status and Morbidity Pattern among School Children of Rural Puducherry

Suba Joice, Velavan A, Natesan M, Singh Z, Purty AJ, Hector H

Original Research

Prevalence of Underweight among Government Primary School Children of Chennai

Jaiganesh Dhanasekaran, Janaki Mayavanathan, AnithaRam Ponnappan

Brief Communication

Prevalence and Pattern of Helminthic Infection among Children in a Primary School of Rural Tamil Nadu

Abilash Krishnan V, Usha Sekar,  Dinesh Kumar S, S Sindhuja, Nithin S 

Case Report

Pyogenic Granuloma in Pregnancy – A Case Study

Manjusha Viswanathan, Dr. Suja Daniel

Recent Advances

Dermoscopy – Visualising Skin Details

Feroze Kaliyadan


Need for Legislation on Junk Food Promotion

Jeesha C Haran

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