Paper Submission

All submissions to Academic Medical Journal of India are done through the PublishMed Submission Portal.

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The submission process for AMJI is simple, but authors need to make sure of the following before initiating submission:

  1. The submission has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration.
  2. All materials included in submission, including text, images and multimedia are original and do not violate copyrights in any manner. Please read our Plagiarism Guidelines to be sure.
  3. The Main Manuscript is prepared as per our Manuscript Guidelines and kept ready.
  4. Title page, Photographs, Study Instrument and other supplementary files are prepared as per Manuscript Guidelines and kept ready.
  5. All authors are informed regarding the submission and any conflict of interest pertaining to the article has been resolved or necessary documentation is provided.

During submission, please make sure that:

  1. The most appropriate journal section is selected,
  2. Authors are added in the order they should appear in citations,
  3. All initials in Author names are expanded, especially last names,
  4. Full details of all authors including email address, affiliation and bio-statement are entered,
  5. Title and abstract of the submission is entered in the appropriate sections,
  6. Main submission file as well as supplementary files are uploaded in the appropriate sections,
  7. Any additional message to the editor is entered in the ‘Comments for the Editor’, section and
  8. The submission process is completed by clicking ‘Finish Submission’ in step 5.

Click here to go to the Submission Portal