Editorial Articles

Breast Cancer Awareness and Screening: A New Approach

Regi Jose

Decentralized Health Planning – Lessons from Kerala State

Althaf Ali, Sajith Kumar S

Toward Competency Based Medical Education in India

Anoop Amrith Lal

India’s Draft National Health Policy 2O15: Equity and Scientific Practices Overlooked

A Marthanda Pillai, Althaf Ali, Muhammed Shaffi

Ebola in India: How Prepared are We?

Anoop Amrith Lal

Medical Research and the ‘Sugar Pill’ Debate

Thomas Mathew, Anoop Amrith Lal

Adolescent Health – High time we adopted a responsible approach to Sexuality Education

Anoop Amrith Lal

India’s Medical Literature Landscape – A New Dawn

Thomas Mathew, Anoop Amrith Lal